The Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan

The Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan

Purpose of the Plan

The Work-Based Learning Plan is an evaluation tool used to provide structure to a job, internship or co-operative education placement. It is designed to make these work experiences a success for both the employer and the participant by:

  •  Clearly communicating job expectations;
  •  Helping the participant to be productive and successful on the job;
  •  Helping the participant to recognize opportunities to build skills, including foundation skills and more advanced workplace and career specific skills;
  •  Making it clear how the participant can use the job or internship as a learning opportunity;
  •  Providing information to assess employability skill gain.

The Work-Based Learning Plan is a diagnostic, goal-setting, and assessment tool designed to drive learning and productivity on the job. It provides a job description and a list of the skills required for the position, covering both the basic foundation skills that are required in all jobs and some of the career and workplace specific skills required in a particular job. An evaluation is done at least twice during the work experience. The first is considered a baseline evaluation. Subsequent evaluations are done later on and Outquotewill show what skills have improved as well as what skill areas have emerged as needing attention.

Employers offer applied learning opportunities through structured internships and career exploration activities in many different areas. Some of these fields include health care, engineering, finance, journalism, web design, and public safety. Their goal is to help students graduate with the workplace skills they will need for success in college and in their chosen careers. After graduation they will be able to make more informed decisions about the further education they will need to be successful in many different career paths, which also include college, technical training, and apprenticeships.

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The Skills Components of the Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan

Work-based learning diagram