What is School-to-Career?

What is School-to-Career?

Massachusetts School-to-Career and Connecting Activities

River East School-to-Career, Inc. is part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts School-to-Career system. The intention of this system is to give all students the academic, technical/technological, and employability skills necessary to compete in higher education and the workplace. The system is composed of three elements: School-Based Learning, Work-Based Learning, and Connecting Activities. These activities match students and employers creating links among schools, employers, parents, and students.

School-Based Learning: Students learn about different industries and occupations and see how the subject matter taught in the classroom applies to the workplace. Lessons are designed to have relevance to the world of work. Work-Based Learning: Students receive structured training and mentoring at job sites to apply classroom lessons in real work situations. Students can apply academic skills to real-world settings and learn more about postsecondary education and training needed for possible careers from their workplace mentors. Connecting Activities: A strategy that can help prepare today's high school student for careers and post-secondary education. Employers collaborate with schools to provide a variety of workshop and seminar presentations, classroom speakers, career fairs, tutoring, mentoring, e-mentoring, interviewing practice, and mock interviews.

Benefits of Participating in School-to-Career Activities

For Students

  •  Makes classroom education relevant
  •  Motivates students by connecting school instruction to a workplace setting
  •  Encourages better-informed choices regarding career pursuits and college studies
  •  Builds relationships with potential employers
  •  Develops core skills that are valuable in many workplace and community contexts
  •  Builds stronger resumes

For Employers

  •  Make a positive contribution to the community
  •  Have a role in training and shaping the future workforce
  •  Increase their pool of qualified applicants
  •  Help make schools more responsive to the needs of business and industry
  •  Assist students in developing workplace readiness skills.

For Teachers

  •  Both students and teachers are linked to local employers through Connecting Activities
  •  Provides teachers with the opportunity to understand the needs of the workplace
  •  Helps teachers inspire and motivate students by connecting class work with the world of work
  • Employers provide labor market information and support teachers' curriculum development efforts

What parents should know

Nearly all students will work one day; some right after high school, others after one, two, or four or more years of further education or training. School-to Career helps motivate all types of learners to gain the academic, social and workplace skills needed to succeed in their futures. Students who participate in School-to-Career Activities are better prepared to make informed choices regarding their career and educational goals.